Alpha Park Public Library is now on Facebook!

Find us on Facebook with the following link to the APL Facebook page,

Attention Facebook Users!
The Alpha Park Public Library now has a Facebook page and invites you to become a fan! Our Facebook page will keep you in touch with information on upcoming library events, library announcements, new materials, and other general information. You can also ask questions and participate in discussions. If you have any questions, contact Heidi at the information desk or 309.697.3822 ext.25.

What is Facebook?
Facebook is a social networking site, similar to MySpace or Linked In, where you can find friends and communicate via the internet. It’s a bit more interactive than email and allows you to get and stay in touch with many people, businesses, or organizations. Each day friends, businesses, and organizations post what they are doing, what they know, ask questions, give information, play games, etc.

Do I have to Join?
No. This is an optional tool for communication and if you are not interested in using Facebook you can find the same announcements and program schedules at the library or on our website.

How Do I Join?
Facebook is free and anyone with an email account can join. Signing up for Facebook is similar to creating an email account. At the Facebook homepage ( simply fill out the form and click “Sign Up”. Complete the remaining questions to create your Facebook account.

I’ve Joined, Now How do I Find the Alpha Park Public Library Page?
Once you have a Facebook account you can search for the library in the search box at the top right corner of your screen. Type: “Alpha Park Public Library” and click on our page. You can view our page and decide if you’d like to be a fan. All fans get information sent directly their Facebook Wall. To become a fan simply select “Become A Fan”.

Contact Heidi Rhea at 309.697.3822 ext 13 or for more information.