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Hundreds of libraries across the U.S. benefit from the presence of a Friends group. In my last position, in Texas, I depended on the Friends to underwrite the costs of the Summer Reading Club, pay for computers which the City could not afford to purchase…and the list could go on and on.

Friends provide support for libraries in many ways. Here are some of them:

  • In some cases, come together to establish a library where there was none before.
  • Serve to educate the greater community about the library, and its services.
  • Especially in municipal (city) libraries, advocate for library support from elected officials.
  • Assist library staff in volunteer positions, as needed.
  • Provide hospitality for library events.
  • Raise funds to pay for programs or materials that aren’t workable in the library’s regular budget.
  • “Grow” library foundations for ongoing fiscal security of the library.


Not all Friends groups take on all of the causes shown above, but they may choose to work on more than one goal.

A planning group began working in the fall of 2010 to establish a Friends group.

John Richmond
Library Director

Friends of Alpha Park Library Pave the Way

We await the outcome of the Friends’ BIG book sale in June. And then…the Friends have created a footpath to the revived garden and bird feeding station on the woodsy side of the library. (They revived the garden, too, and provided a bench nearby.) Next up: A brick patio in the garden area. The public may buy bricks @ $25 per brick at the checkout desk. Bricks will be inscribed with names of people whose lives people wish to memorialize or celebrate. All proceeds benefit the library—and people will be able to look for familiar names on their bricks in the patio. Buy a brick and watch our/your patio grow!

The next regular meeting of the Friends will be held on Tuesday, September 12, at 10:30 a.m. All are welcome.

Questions? Call Amber Hopwood, Friends president, at 697-3097.

Meanwhile, visit the Friends’ ongoing book sale at the library, far north wall. All sales benefit APL.

Friends of Alpha Park Library brochure with application form