Summer Reading 2020

Summer reading club is a longstanding Alpha Park tradition! And it is STILL HAPPENING!

While it may be different this year, we want you to know you can still JUST READ!

While so many things in our lives have changed, Alpha Park Public Library is still committed to bringing you a special summer full of reading fun. We are finalizing plans to begin curbside checkout. Stay Tuned!

In the meantime, ready books from home, or check out a little free library in the area.

1. Get a Gameboard

You can print from our website or pick up a game board at one of these locations:

• The library, near the book return at the front entrance
• Butler Haynes Park Building (9424 S Mapleton Rd, Mapleton, IL 61547)
• Tall Bobs (1221 S Laramie St, Peoria, IL 61605)
• Norwood Village Hall (1515 N Norwood Blvd, Peoria, IL 61604

2. Read for 30 minutes to advance a space on your gameboard.

3. When you finish, contact the library with a picture of your completed board.

• Facebook- @AlphaParkPublicLibrary
• Email-
• Call- If those options do not work for you and we’ll work out a plan together. 309-697-3822, x 14.

4. Completion Prizes

Baby Prize
Youth Prize
Toddler Prize
Adult Prize

5. Raffle Prizes

Great Outdoors Basket

Glasford/Mapleton Get Around Basket

Pamper Yourself Basket

Grill and Chill Basket

Summer Fun Basket

We Love Bellevue Basket

Beautiful Bartonville Morning Basket

Family Fun Night Basket